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We shop multiple lenders to find the best options and most competitive rates available to our clients. 

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First-Time Homebuyers

If it's your first time, navigating through the home buying process can be intimidating. As independent mortgage brokers, we specialize in one thing - home loans. We take great care in educating our borrowers whether it's their first home or a refinance on their third home.

Credit Score --

Closing Costs --

Down Payment --

Debt to Income --Lenders use a borrower's Debt-to-Income (DTI) ratio to tell whether or not they will be able to afford the loan. To find your DTI ratio percentage, take all of your monthly debts added together and divide that by your gross (before taxes) monthly income. This number is your “back-end” DTI ratio and lenders usually prefer that it is under 43%. 


Mortgage Insurance --
Rate --

Term --



Pre-approval letters are a great way to separate yourself from other potential buyers because it tells the seller you’re ready and able to purchase a home. Before writing your pre-approval letter, we’ll need a few things from you. 


Depending upon your employment scenario, we’ll generally ask you for two forms of identification, like a drivers license and social security number, along with the following:


Proof of Income

-Past two years W2s and tax returns

-Two most recent pay stubs

-Past two years of 1099s (for self-employed borrowers)


Proof of Assets

-Two most recent bank statements

-Two most recent investment account statements


This documentation allows us to pull your credit report and draw up a pre-approval letter, stating that you’ve got a solid track record of getting paid, paying bills on time, and the ability to repay the home loan.